Step 1 Scoping and goals


To help clarify your sustainable product design objectives. You will consider:

  1. Your product sustainability goals and priorities
  2. The various life cycle stages of your product


The first step is to clarify the product concept and design specifications and what your goals are for the product. Initial design specifications determine which sustainability criteria are most relevant to assess.

Example: Floral Soil

A product concept with exceptional ambitions for sustainable product design is Floral Soil. Floral Soil is designed to replace conventional floral foam used by florists to hold flowers in place in an arrangement and to keep them moist. The designer set out to create a product that was ‘safe enough to eat’ in addition to being biobased, biodegradable in home gardens or compost, reusable and high performing with respect to holding water to replace current floral foams.

Floral Soil design goals includes: 1) Non-toxic 2) Bio-based 3) Biodegradable 4) Grow seeds 5) Hold water

Floral Soil design goals

Floral Soil design goals

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